Spotlight on Reform: Just Liberty

December 16, 2016 by

Just Liberty is a newly minted bipartisan project calling for a comprehensive approach to criminal justice reform in Texas.

Similar to our goals here at Restore Justice USA, Just Liberty seeks, “a criminal justice system which protects families instead of disrupting them, treats everyone fairly, rewards personal responsibility, and promotes liberty, justice, and respect for human dignity.”

The growing support for approaching justice issues from a smart perspective, rather than the traditional tough perspective, has allowed the movement to garner support from a wide array of groups and activists.

Just Liberty’s leadership team is no stranger to the issues plaguing the Texas criminal justice system. The group is led by policy and political experts whose experience brings much needed knowledge to both legislative and grassroots efforts.

In recent years, numerous justice-related issues have been brought into the spotlight. On the local level, policing practices have continued to come under question along with the use of Stingray phone-trackers and biometric data technology.

On the state level, transparency in civil asset forfeiture reporting, the ongoing need for prison reform, and the desire to address help for indigent defendants have driven the narrative and made criminal justice reform a reality rather than just another talking point.

Just Liberty is broaching all of the issues under the criminal justice umbrella from police reform to addressing forensic labs’ reliance on junk science, an issue often reported on but rarely included in the reform dialogue.

Bills ranging from addressing civil asset forfeiture to prohibiting arrests for fine-only offenses have already been filed for the 85th legislative session with many more expected to come. Just Liberty will undoubtedly be a driving force to advance these efforts during this upcoming legislation.


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Charles operates the Houston office for Empower Texans/Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.